Ignite Sourcing offers more than IT solutions and consulting, our workforce solutions enable your company to boost efficiencies by leveraging our integrated teams of seasoned professionals. We become virtual partners with your business!  We enable a sound technological infrastructure with our enterprise solutions to keep your business running smooth and efficient.

Our teams of IT professionals specialize in:

  • IT services and consulting
  • staff augmentation
  • software design & development, architecture and coding
  • project management, from human resources to quality control & risk management to status reporting
  • systems and database administration
  • systems support and IT security
  • daily operational needs
  • vendor management for contracts, SLA agreements, KPIs and other metrics & reporting
  • disputes and root cause analysis

The methodology for ignITe is simple:

  • We stick with effective IT compliance, governance and best practices.
  • Our standards are high.
  • Our solutions are focused on your goals.
  • Our lines of communication are always open.

True flexibility, quality service and cost-effectiveness led by industry veterans who are there to support your company.

Our workforce solutions are not limited to IT though, our teams are serving in some great companies that are taking advantage of our flexible contingent worker solutions to gain more control over their costs.

From one-time IT solutions to turnkey partnerships in the US or world-wide, ignITe, is your answer. Contact Us today for more details.